The number of species and their distribution will over time ebb and flow in any region. What is common place today will be scarce tomorrow. To achieve an accurate overview of any species may require years of inquiry. With that in mind several students of Arkansas Lepidoptera should be noted. Dr. R. W. Hodges spent the summer of 1966 collecting and identifying species of micro-Lepidoptera in Washington County. Some of these specimens inhabit the collections at the UAF and the USNM. Dr. L. C. Thompson, while at the School of Forestry, Monticello, spent many years collecting and identifying specimens in Southeast Arkansas especially in Drew and Ashley Counties. Mr. J. R. Heitzman and his associates collected between 1960 and 1973 mainly in Northwest Arkansas. He gifted over 32,000 specimens collected in Missouri and Arkansas to the McGuire Center, Gainesville, Fla. Dr. R. L. Brown, while at the UAF and currently at the Mississippi Entomological Museum, accumulated years of experience with Arkansas Lepidoptera. Herschel Raney’s web site illustrating the county distribution of skipper and butterflies in Arkansas is of particular usefulness.

Dr. Tanya McKay, Jonesboro, and her entomology students at Arkansas State University; Dr. Lynne Thompson, University of Arkansas at Monticello, Ruth Ellen Morris, Pine Bluff, for her assistance in organizing field collecting trips; Mrs. Debbie Taylor in Pope County, Pat and Nancy Mitchell in Jefferson County and John and Susanne Earl in Loanoke County for access to their properties for collection sites; The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, The Arkansas Department of Parks, The U. S. Forest Service, Fort Chaffee, The Nature Conservancy, The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Potlatch Forest Holdings for access to collection sites on their properties.