The Arkansas Lepidoptera Survey
Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas

Dr. Eric Lovely, Director
James K. Ettman, Curator

The mission of the Arkansas Lepidoptera Survey is to enhance the fundamental knowledge of Arkansas’ butterflies, skippers, and moths. To achieve this mission its objectives include; developing a reference collection and data base of Arkansas Lepidoptera, maintaining a current check list of Arkansas’ present, historical and accidental species , and providing a forum for articles about the state’s species

Jim Ettman/Arkansas Tech Lepidoptera Collection

The Arkansas Lepidoptera Survey maintains a reference collection of Arkansas butterflies, skippers and moths located in McEver Hall on the Arkansas Tech campus. This collection is being assembled through original field collection and with specimen donated by interested Lepidopterists.

A Tribute to Jim Ettman (1942 – 2020)

by P. Clay Sherrod

Diana Fritillary Butterfly